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No matter where you are on your journey, Sloco is here to be your resource to help you regain your health and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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“Sloco has been a game changer for me. Assisting in better sleep, reducing  inflammation in my body, relieving stress and anxiety and lifting my energy… I feel soooooo amazing!!”


Give Sloco a chance, your achy body, sleep patterns, and even blood sugar will thank you! In about a month, I have noticed improvements in myself regarding all the ailments I mentioned above. Health is wealth, specially right now!

– ARTuro

“After just 5 cryotherapy sessions and a shift in my diet, my C-Reactive Proteins (to track my Rheumatoid Arthritis) went from 20 to .6!” 


massage therapy

lymphatic drainage

Cryo T-Shock: Facials

dry salt therapy

somadome meditation

Normatec compression

whole body cryotherapy

red light therapy

 infrared sauna

whole body detox

ear seeds

Cryo t-shock:
body treatments


We know what it’s like to leave a doctor’s appointment feeling discouraged and without answers. You’re searching for support and relief, only to be prescribed medication or to be told there’s nothing wrong. You spend thousands of dollars a year on health insurance and don’t feel like you’re making any progress.

What if we told you there is another option at a fraction of the price?

At Sloco, we help you find relief and vitality by specializing in services that are natural and non-invasive. Find comfort in knowing our team is here to support you throughout your wellness journey and feel confident leaving with the tools to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Wellness isn’t expensive…
illness is.

Our society finds it much easier to accept that things are outside of our control. We think it’s time to take that control back. At Sloco, we encourage you to be curious and proactive about your health.


Embrace guilt-free self-care and Invest in yourself. Our services target the root cause of many health concerns and prevent it from becoming an expensive problem down the line. 

lifted mood

Who doesn’t love a good endorphin rush? Sloco services are meant to leave you feeling happier, confident, and more energetic! We want you to not only feel better physically, but mentally, too.

less pain

Inflammation is often the root cause of disease and illness. Our services help to combat and reduce inflammation. With continuous visits, you can finally find natural relief from chronic pain, without medication.

better sleep

Without good sleep, your body doesn’t function at its optimal level. It impacts your mood, productivity and immune system. Our services help to reduce stress, leading to more blissful sleep.

less stress

We want you to feel like Sloco is a wellness sanctuary. A place where you come to relax and recharge. Our services can help with reducing cortisol levels so you can take on your day feeling calm and collected.

save on your first visit

New to Sloco? Mix and match any three express services* in one visit for just $75. Claim this special offer below to save on a new kind of wellness experience.

*Choose from Whole Body Cryotherapy, Somadome Meditation, Dry Salt Therapy, Normatec Compression and Red Light Therapy.


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