Wellness Membership

At Sloco, our goal is to help you get RESULTS. Trying something once isn’t enough to see the results your body craves, which is why we’ve structured our membership to make it easier for you to stay healthy during this time. See the details here.

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Get results with regular use of:

Whole Body Cryotherapy
Dry Salt Therapy
Somadome Meditation
Red Light Therapy/Photobiomodulation
Express NormaTec Compression Therapy
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Unlimited Access*
Personalized Wellness Programs

No initiation fees
No contract
No cancellation fees

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*Unlimited access is available during business hours, which are subject to change. Includes the services listed in the membership benefits column. Services subject to availability. Keep in mind that many of these services deliver the best results when experienced on different days.

Single Session Pricing

Cryotherapy – $55
Infrared Sauna – $45+

Dry Salt Therapy – $25
Somadome – $30

Red Light Therapy – $35
NormaTec – $25+