Research has shown that inflammation is at the root of most illnesses. The emotional and physical strain our bodies are under spike cortisol levels higher and more often than our bodies were designed to handle. Our environment is also filled with neurotoxins, not only in our air and our food, but cleaning and personal care products. The body has an innate ability to heal itself, it just needs support.

That’s why the services we offer are all geared to lowering stress hormone levels, reducing inflammation and assisting the body’s natural detoxification system. When you’re able to address those three areas, your body can do amazing things.


This Personalized Massage is tailored to your needs using a blend of different techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage. Feel your tension melt as our therapists follow your body’s subtle cues, allowing you to experience deeply therapeutic bodywork that will enhance your wellbeing on many levels.

50 min.  $135    |    65 min. $155   |   80 min.  $175

+ CBD Sore Muscle Oil   –   add $25

Whole Body Cryotherapy

It’s like a silent disco in a walk-in freezer! Reduce inflammation, relieve pain and improve mood with this cold immersion therapy.


Infrared Sauna

Melt stress with a private full spectrum infrared sauna session. Customizable sessions allow you to focus on what’s important to you, ranging from general detoxification, relaxation or heart health.

Single Session | $45-55

5 Pack | $150

Whole Body Detox

Slip into a deep state of relaxation with a guided meditation while accumulated toxins are pulled from the body through the feet resulting in improved overall health and wellbeing.


Somadome meditation

The perfect environment for enhancing your meditation experience that will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world.


normatec compression

The go-to option for no-contact massage. Recover faster, relieve tension and move lymph with this “air” massage that allows you to focus on the legs, hips or arms.


dry salt therapy

Breathe easy with the help of finely ground therapeutic grade salt to clear out your sinuses and your lungs, while improving immune function.


red light therapy

Recharge your cells and increase circulation for improved cognitive function and overall health.


Ear Seeds

Personalize your 24k gold “seeds” on specific pressure points on the ear to address different health concerns and be amazed by the results!


Rapid Recovery

Percussive Therapy quickly releases tension and soreness. It reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager, touching the body and then coming off of it 40 times per second.

$20 for 10 minutes

Cryo T-Shock

COMING SOON! This incredible service paired with a healthy lifestyle brings transformative results to tone, tighten and firm.

Contact us for special prelaunch pricing.

Packages + Memberships

Lifestyle Membership

If you’re after results, our Wellness Lifestyle Membership is the way to go. Get open access to our core services!


Ultimate Detox Package

Experience a thorough detox with unlimited access to our ionic whole body detox service and infrared sauna!

$199 for 28 days

Infrared Sauna - pack of 5

Mix + match any of our full length goal-oriented sauna programs. Expires within 6 months.

5 for $150

guilt-free self-care

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